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Why I'm Running

The future of our District holds great promise because of the pride of our students, the commitment of its alumni, the depth of parental support, and the dedication of its educators. Angela is committed to promoting a supportive environment for the benefit of all in Richland School District One.

Here is what you need to know about Angela. 

She is:

  • A product of District One School who will work to accentuate the positives and eliminate the District’s negatives.
  • A parent of two students who believes in Richland One so deeply that her children are enrolled in the same elementary school she attended.
  • A proponent for the district who will represent YOU.


My Platform

My platform includes your concerns for making teacher recruitment and retention a hallmark and Broadband availability my passion for all District One students. E-Learning at home is a priority of mine.  Professional development to elevate the teaching and learning experiences will also be a primary focus of mine. We must do more to nurture, grow and keep talent within our School District.

I will play a positive role in improving the relationships between schools and neighborhoods.

I will be a listening ear for parents, teachers, staff, and students. 

I will work to ensure our children have access to the tools needed to achieve academic success. 

Angela's Story

Angela was born, raised and still lives in the Greenview Community of Columbia.  Before graduating from Benedict College in 1998 with a degree in Elementary education, she attended Greenview Elementary, W.G. Sanders Middle, and W. J. Keenan High School.  She is a life-long advocate of Richland School District #1 and her two children, Layla and Carter are now walking the same halls she once did.

Angela is passionate about the plight of our District’s students and teachers. She enjoyed all her teachers, and three of them still shape her life.

Mrs. M.S. Jackson, her 1st grade teacher, is fondly remembered as a firm, nurturing spirit. She expected the best from all her students and they worked hard not to disappoint her.

Angela started piano lessons at the age of six and took up the violin in the 5th Grade, under Mr. Freddie Grace. He and the arts had a profound impact on her early childhood development as she spent 6 years on the Richland District One Orchestra. 

When Angela entered high school, she was greatly touched by DeVonne Risher Smalls, who mentored her mostly about life, in and outside of the classroom. Much of what she learned from her greatly influences Angela’s current interactions with her own children.

As a proud parent, and fierce advocate Angela is deeply committed to providing our children a safe, secure learning environment. The challenges they face today are drastically different from those of other generations. We need to continue developing new and innovative ways to educate our children efficiently and effectively.  

“It is to that end that I pledge to you my best efforts and ask for your vote on Nov 3rd for Richland District One School Board of Commissioners At-Large.”



Ensure the infrastructure is in place to reinforce a safe learning environment making it possible to return safely to a traditional learning model.

Neighborhood Schooling

Foster a culture of Neighborhood Schooling where schools are no longer seen as in but of our neighborhood. Parents, teachers, administrators and community leaders should interact in a seamless environment.

Staff Development

Place an emphasis on professional development across the district to ensure we recruit and retain quality professionals dedicated to the success of our children.

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